So you want to play Atalopoly? You have come to the right place.

Atalopoly Box Cover
Atalopoly Box Cover


Each Player has an Atalanta. They throw the dice and move around the Atalopoly board, sailing, making repairs, adding equipment and fittings. Along the way there will be rewards and challenges. Like the land-based pretender game, Monopoly, the winner of the game is the person with the most money at the end.

There is a separate ‘Scorecard’ to keep track of play.

How to play

You will need to designate an Atalopoly Admiral for your game. Like the Banker in Monopoly, the Admiral will oversee proceedings, assure fair-play and maintain the scoresheet.

The game allows a game fleet of up to 6 Atalantas.
The board has a ‘Go Sailing’ square where all players start.
Each time a player subsequently passes the ‘Go Sailing’ square they receive £200.
Other squares require skippers to carry out instructions which can be seen by clicking on the ‘i’ icon.
Some of them (!) require the skipper to take a card from the ‘Sailing Chances’ card deck, and follow the instructions.
And beware the ‘Chandlery’. Landing on this square of getting sent by a ‘Go to Chandlery’ instruction will cost you!

Click on the dice to throw it.
Drag the relevant Atalanta to the appropriate square and click on the ‘i’ for instructions
Use the scorecard to keep track of progress.

Good Sailing!

You will need to swap between the BOARD tab of your browser and the scorecard – bit clunky but that’s how it works.

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