A166 spotted in Portland March 2020 - captured on Facebook

Through a series of unfortunate experiences A166 is in need of a new home. She is in Clark’s Boatyard on Portland. Contact Tim or Denise at 01305 860265.

Although originally covered these were damaged at the start of 2020. A Member of the AOA has inspected the boat a few months ago and deems her restorable. The photographs were taken at the time. It is unclear whether all her gear is available – enquire at the boatyard if you are interested.

The price of £400 includes lifting onto your trailer.

One thought on “A166 Hullabaloo For Sale – £400 in boatyard on Portland

  1. Hello, Is There Somewhere on the AOA’s website That Can Advise How to Inspect & Service the Folding Keels Please ?
    To Make Sure They Are Water-Tight etc.
    I’m Interested in A166 Hullabaloo BUT It would be a Crying Shame to Launch it After Being Out of the Water some Years and Have it Go Down Like a Submarine.

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