Preparing to recover Aquilo onto her trailer

Aquilo II is in a barn on her trailer near Bridport in Dorset. She is possibly the last ever 26ft Atalanta to be launched, which she was in 1969. She has been sailed in Weymouth bay every year since 2007 with the exception of 2012 because of the Olympic Events and 2020 because of Covid.

She is basically a standard Atalanta. She comes with most of her original gear including a metal ¾ rig metal mast from new, but has a replacement boom (a standard wooden Atalanta boom). She also has a Beta 12 inboard engine fitted in 2006 but with only just over 100 hours use. She is a sailing yacht after all! Both her, her gear and trailer are in sound condition and she could be towed to her new sailing waters and launched. The trailer has been altered so that she sits lower on the trailer to facilitate launching. In fact she can be launched direct from her trailer on a quiet slipway.

Headsails can be changed from the forward hatch including raising and lowering, so there is no need and far safer not to go on deck while at sea.

The last major change is the replacement of the flat aluminium rudder blade with a wooden aerofoil section wooden blade of similar dimensions.

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Photos of Aquilo II including recovery onto the trailer

  • Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    Lining up Aquilo ready to run onto the trailerAquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo nestled onto the back of the trailer. Collecting winch line from the trailer.Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    Preparing to connect winch line to Aquilo.Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo winched onto her correct position on trailerAquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    At top of slip being washed off.Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo Recovery
    Aquilo correctly on trailer. Note aerofoil rudder blade in fully raised position.Sailing Aquilo II
    Sailing Aquilo II
    View from Galley/Navigation area showing comfortable helming position with vertical tiller.Aquilo II
    Aquilo II
    Note triangular main shroud support allowing easy mast raising and lowering.Aquilo's Trailer
    Aquilo's Trailer
    Note "V" slots and lines of rollers for Aquilo's keels to ensure correct positioning of Aquilo when recovered.

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