Unfortunately health issues are preventing Bill getting Gellie sorted out after her disaster last year in the gales. She needs a new mast, some rigging and some repairs to the coach work all above the rubbing strake. Also a bit of TLC inside. She is currently on the hard in the boatyard at Roseneath on the Clyde and has been for a year now. Any more of this might be the end of her. 

She has a 44 hp Isuzu engine and is fitted with all the latest toys: Radar chartplotter etc All Furuno 2 heads a full galley with twin sinks and full fridge and 5 single berths.  Given that she was fully refitted  I think 6 years ago I would probably take offers around £6000

Or if somebody wanted to repair her for a price then Bill would be happy to look at that too.

15 thoughts on “A31/4 Gellie for Sale, or offer to repair?

  1. Gents, may I enquire what happened to Gellie, was she repaired and hopefully now sailing again? Out of curiosity where is she based now? Thanks

    1. Hi Richard
      Gellie was rescued by Ian Pollard who has been restoring her in between work commitments.
      Not sailing yet I think (delighted to be corrected by Ian) but getting closer!

      1. Thanks Nick, excellent to know she’s on the mend. Another Pollard….. not many of us around!

        I’ve always had a soft spot for the A31 going back 50 odd years when Freedom was moored on our local beach. Maybe the lucky owners will update how their boats are….

  2. Ahoy !

    Are we getting anywhere with pics of damage ?

    Are we in contact with owner ?

    Any luck with transport ?

    Engine drained ?

    Covered ?

    I see it is still listed for sale.

    Herein lies the rub ?



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    Now this one = 10

  4. I see I have had 8 replies according to your ‘hit’ indicator but in fact I have seen none.

    Am I doing something wrong ? Do not fully understand your over complicated web site !

    Herewith, I hope, a pic of Tuan Mac leaving Bradwell nuclear power station astern and fast approaching Osea Island on arrival at the the Blackwater !


  5. Ahoy

    A plan !

    Before I start sharpening my adze can we have some photos, lots, particularly of the holes in the topsides which fill me full of dread. Depending on results decide whether to go ahead then have a site inspection, Ryanair do a return trip midweek for £40.

    Whilst we wait for photos, can we:-

    Drain boat, drain engine and fill with diesel (to top of rocker box if possible), cover it.with polytarps

    Major cost in this enterprise will be transport south, can we contact our favourite truckers and see what the chance is of a reasonable return load.  Will they fit on a flatbed ?

    Is Bill in the ‘loop’.  Photos are ‘step one’


  6. What a fine offer Jim..

    It is quite a way for me to drive to get there.  But I am happy to, particularly if I can pick somebody up to share the driving and diesel.  I would also hope I could kip on the boat, accommodation is very expensive and it helps get the most hours in.

    But to get the ball rolling I am happy to commit to a certain number of hours.  Say 3 weekends.  I am also happy to fork out for materials.

    Just so we can look at the balance what needs to be done with what can be done.

    I am selfishly hoping to see a curved hull repair done before I am forced to do it on Mary.  Hopefully that would mean I never need to.

    Following on from John’s thoughts I am approachable if somebody needs help.  But more brawn than brain.

  7. Jim,

    What a fantastic offer, and I do hope Gellie’s owner takes it up! From the sound of it, you have ideas which I feel the Association should be keen to support, and if not Gellie, then there are surely other Atalantas which could be useful for “learning skills workshops”.

    All the best,


  8. Hi !

    Lest I be misunderstood, happy to take on restoration on a ‘gift’ basis. Would pay transport and dry mooring charges, encourage ‘learning skill workshops’ and sail training for the young, etc, etc. Bearing in mind that the vessel has been flooded for some time and that it is holed in the curved topsides, which from bitter experience is a bugger !  The use of a dehumidifier, having allowed the water ingress in the first place, if I may be so bold, is burglar alarms after the equine has exited ! Happy to proceed on this basis unless Lottery funding can be obtained, there have been worse examples !


  9. She’s located at silvers yard opposite side of Gare Loch to Rhu marina. Due to the amount of work required I believe that she would need to be moved to some under cover storage where she could be stripped out and allowed to dry. Jim does your offer of home include this? I’m happy to help in restoration but due to location and travel (presently 4hrs for me) the undercover is essential so as not to waste time if weather is bad apparently it can rain in Scotland!! This will not be a quick or cheap job but will be worthwhile. Dom

  10. Where is she now?  I am happy to put some work in too.  Might I suggest a kind of repair party! Bit of knowledge transfer, bit of hard graft and a good result.

  11. I visited Gellie last week on the hard shes in a sorry state with a number of holes in the rear deck where the cleats were pulled out, there are 2 large holes in the deck starboard side extending from the rubbing strake to the coach roof and also a small area below the rubbing strake where the hull laminates have been sprung. the mast is snapped although the running and standing rig appears in good order as do the winches. Internally the boat is filled with about 12″ to 18″ of water (at least the hull doesnt leak!!) The engine is also immersed in water above the level of the sump so may require a bottom end overhaul, the batteries will need replacing as they also are flooded. Ive talked to Bill who is going to pump her out and use a dehumidifier to dry her out internally whilst covering her with tarps to prevent any further water ingress. Once this has been done it will be possible to assertain what damage has been done to the interior wood work and soft furnishings. I believe that she can be saved if someone has the time and inclination to do some major restoration work, the immediate priority is to dry her out and protect from the weather, longer term she needs to be moved under cover where work can be under taken. Bill is keen to get her back on the water and any help would be appreciated, does any one have access to large barn? I am happy to offer time to help restore her but logistically this would prove difficult due to the distance involved.


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