David Dean has written:

“I’m 70 this yr and retiring later to Spain. Sold Lyde for £500 over a year ago. The buyer has vanished, Lyde is still in my shed. Hull and deck sound apart from fairly simple repair under port quarter. Mast Proctor alloy with through mast roller reef boom, from new. Two mains almost as new, good laminated jib. Keels work ok, need new stops in keel boxes. Free to good home as they say. No engine, was a 1GM 10 but buyer took that away. Sadly I will scrap her by late May unless someone takes her on. Have planning to demolish the old brewery and build two houses so said “shed” comes down JCB goes through Lyde etc. If you know of anyone who wants please let me know.

 Best regards Dave 01348 873369 Fishguard Pembrokeshire”
Surely someone can come to the rescue?

2 thoughts on “A73 Lyde is in desperate need of rescue

  1. That’s good news! It sounds like A73 is in quite good shape, and it would have been a tragedy to see her disappear. Instead we’ll see her afloat again in the not too distant future.


  2. I understand that A73 has been saved and will shortly go to her new home.  Thankfully not to be destroyed and on behalf of the AOA I thank Dave for his generous offer.



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