Photo: Hole in the bottom!.
Hole in the bottom!

Photo: Blue Goose Feb-2012.
Blue Goose Feb-2012

Photo: Blue Goose Transom Feb-2012.
Blue Goose Transom Feb-2012

Photo: Forward cabin looking aft.
Forward cabin looking aft

Photo: Blue Goose April 2012.
Blue Goose April 2012

Photo: Blue Goose Transom April 2012.
Blue Goose Transom April 2012

Photo: Bow Shape.
Bow Shape

Photo: Above Bow.
Above Bow

Photo: Swing Keel Repair.
Swing Keel Repair

Photo: Rot forward keel box.
Rot forward keel box

Photo: Stripper Clean-up.
Stripper Clean-up

Photo: After a day of work in the aft cabin. An adult beverage for the workers
After a day of work in the aft cabin

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