A86 On the drums...1990...Showing epoxy on underside, and respray of hull.

Photos covering the refit in 1990 and subsequent sailing across to Cherbourg on her first cruise. She was still powered by her Coventry Victor engine at this point. Subsequent photos cover her journey to Gruissan in the Gulf of Lyons around 1994, and on the hard there for repainting around 1995. Maurice Killen was her custodian at this time.

  • : 1990 Refit.....Maurice Killen.....Custodian

One thought on “A86 Sassi – On the hard….refitting….Surrey

  1. Are you going back to the black “adam-ant” look, it is interesting but maybe a 90’s thing. She certainly looked good after the refit. I would be interested in what needs doing and why. Mostly because there is little bright-work.

    If she is solid underneath then I would expect the paint to fade as the UV got to it and just need a light sand back and a new coat of paint. Of course there are the odd bits were water may have got in under the paint or she got a bump which damaged the paint and may need taking back further.

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