Bernard wants to seal the slots above A89’s keels.

I have experimented with moped tyres (3.0 x 19) and I can cut them into one long sausage, seal the ends and keep pressure for weeks. When inflated, they will expand to the required 100 mm slot gap.

Any comments please?

Has anyone got any better ideas please?

Thank you.


Richard James


One thought on “A89 Keel slot flushers

  1. We fitted the moped tyres to A89 a few weeks ago and inflated them, then kept them in place with a column of neoprene measuring 1200 mm x 120mm x 100 mm.

    I can report a complete success as there is no water splashing into the cockpit and Bernard is convinced the  lack of drag gives him one knot extra! 

    Richard James

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