T12 Harrier on her mooring

Not sure I every shared any photos of the new aft pushpit.

This push pit works by providing storage for a modern life ring, Seago lift raft complete with easy release (just flick a catch open and it self deploys) and best of all a folding boarding ladder for swimming. The inflatable tender fits transversally over the aft deck, tucking under the port rail neatly. I will add an outboard mount on the rail but am in no rush. Possibly the tubing angles could be refined for a better visual appearance but the details are all as per the original forward pulpit i.e. fixing feet, tube dia. etc.

This life raft arrangement probably adds to weight at the ends of Harrier but then it gets the raft out of the interior. Possibly a bit of weight at the stern improves helm balance on the wind.

The aim now is to replace the bench tops in the cockpit, not a big job, and refit the heads before sailing next summer. With our first child being one next year, sail handling aids will be crucial so I may go to a roller headsail and lead some mast lines aft to the cockpit – remember on a Titania the coachroof prevents access to the mast from the cockpit. Otherwise Harrier is in brilliant condition if I do say so myself.

It is great to see the stories and photos on the website at the moment.

  • Harrier
  • Fabricating the fixed part of the ladder
    Fabricating the fixed part of the ladder
    Fabricating the fixed part of the ladderPleased skipper standing by pushpin
    Pleased skipper
    Pleased skipper standing by pushpinPushpit Rail for Harrier
    The fixed rail on the stern deck

About T12

Owner of boat: T12 - Harrier, Operated as a rolling restoration project in the off-season and sailed every summer. Location: Saltash CORNWALL ** Country: GB

2 thoughts on “Aft pushpit

  1. George – Your new aft pushpit looks great, as does Harrier.

    Your comment about – “Possibly a bit of weight at the stern improves helm balance on the wind”……….I have heard some yachties claim that more weight at the stern increases drag from the transom. Hopefully this will start a debate.



  2. George

    Thanks for the update. And the pushpit looks the business! Are you taking orders? 😉
    The ‘always available’ boarding ladder, liferaft and lifebelt make a lot of sense. And the aft deck is a scary place at sea without a rail!

    Harrier is looking great. Looking forward to the continuing story as Harrier becomes a family sailing boat again.


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