'Blister' Repairs

Making the most of the warm weather and Covid19 lockdown to work on repairing the deck laminations and replace the rotten frame tops. Progress is slow, but steady.

  • Side Deck Progress
    Side Deck Progress
    Port side deck now repaired apart from top laminate. Starboard side deck reinforcement in place and laminations beginning to go back.Deck Reinforcement
    Deck Reinforcement
    Replacement of the frame end on the main bulkhead and the addition of an additional deck stringer forward of this.Template for Laminate
    Template for Laminate
    Making a template for the lowest lamination on the starboard side deck.'Blister' Repairs
    'Blister' Repairs
    The blister is beginning to look like a patchwork quilt, but most of the rot and delamination is now repaired.Forehatch
    A replacement outer lamination for the forehatch opening, cut and ready to glue in place

3 thoughts on “Bluster Refit Progress

  1. Well done Jonathon – slow and steady wins every time. All looking horribly familiar! But worthwhile in the end.



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