2020 07 21 T4 being towed to Gosport for scrapping

Titania T4 will be chopped up tomorrow, 22 July 2020 at boatscrapyard.com in Gosport. If you want any bits from her, please phone Steve on 023 9298 4666 ASAP or contact Luke on their Facebook page, ASAP.


See a video guide to the boat created by the breakers here.

    2 thoughts on “T4 about to be scrapped

    1. Update – A large quantity of Brother Jack’s fittings and parts have been saved thanks to the efforts of Simon West. He took a van to the scrapyard and rescued everything he could including keels, sails, boom, tanks, fittings and more.

      Simon is planning to use some for the ongoing restoration of A5 but will be making other parts available to Members in the future.

      Thank you Simon.

    2. Hi Richard. Thanks for the post. Very sad day.
      For those without Facebook I have attached PDF ‘facsimiles’ of the facebook posts on the scrapyard group. These are ‘Snapshots’ taken on 23/7 just before 8 am. I will update them later in the day.

      ‘Conversation 1’ before they had collected her.

      Conversation 2 once she arrived

      Conversation 3 including video tour!

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