AOA AGM Dinner Card Covers 1959-65

It is always a great pleasure to me as the Webmaster when members, ex-members, ex-owners or families of ex-owners send in material to add to the archive. This has included copies of adverts, newsletters, Fairey Marine documentation, old Bulletins and much more.

A few weeks ago I was delighted to take up the offer of some items I didn’t even realise existed until they were offered. The Menu and Attendance cards which were issued for the Annual Dinner, held after the AGM. John Dixon, whose father and uncle jointly owned A30 Trio, very kindly donated the cards for 1959-1965 to the Association, and these can be seen below. The first two dinners were at the RNVR before the AGM and Dinner moved to St Ermins Hotel where it was held until 2010. (With one exception – the 50th AGM and Dinner were held back in the RNVR club in 2009. The cards give a sense of the grandeur of the surroundings and many members still talk fondly of the Dinners at St Ermins.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the cards as much as I did! Click on an image to ‘open them up’.

1959 to 1965 – Winelist, Menu and Attendance

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