The Association was formed in 1958 by Fairey Marine and the first Annual Bulletin was produced by them in the Autumn of 1959. At this point the Registers show that 113 Atalantas had been delivered to their owners and 20 Fulmars (although the Association did not include this class until ????). The first Bulletin was distributed to members along with the very first Newsletter [MAKE THIS A LINK]. The purpose of the Newsletter was and is still to keep Members informed about events and all things AOA between the Bulletins.

It is interesting to read that very first Bulletin which has the same themes as the latest ones – subscription reminders, requests for input to the Bulletin and for updates to the Members / Boat Register published with the Bulletin. Newsletters were fairly perfunctory notifications of races and AGM until 1975 when Major General Bill Odling took over and they became longer with more ‘News’.

Bulletins, AGM & Committee, Newsletters, Textual appraisal / Key Milestones

The Full AOA historical document set (Bulletins, AGM Minutes, Newsletters) is restricted to Members of the Atalanta Owners Association. What follows is an extract from the full Members’ version of this page.

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