Atalanta A1 was the very first ‘prototype’ Atalanta. She is smaller than the Mark 2 and 3 but has all of the same features – twin keels, centre cockpit, blister and so on.  She is now needing someone to restore her – if you are interested please contact one of the Committee.

See pictures of her from eighteen months ago in this album.

Her owner, Bob Slaughter, was a long time AOA member and recently died. Bob had not been in robust health for a while and A1 has been stored ashore. The family are keen for A1to go to an AOA member willing to restore her.  Time is of course an important factor and the sooner A1 is in new ownership the better!page4image27984

Richard Morgan provided the photos of A1 in the album.  His comments on A1 condition:

“….a hole in the after deck, top of transom, see photo, The only other hole appeared on the Port side as indicated. The remainder of the hull appeared sound, also as indicated by the level of “held” water in the hull and as observed by the photos’ of the outside condition, I concluded that she was pretty sound generally….”.  Note that there is a trailer with A1; however this is in need of restoration, for public road use.

One thought on “Atalanta A1-The Prototype-What a great project for someone

  1. Am I correct in suggesting that she has less of a compromise for accomodation?  The bow looks thinner and the stern shallower.  Alot more like the german yacht Nick posted recently (relatively of course).

    Does she only have one bulkhead?  i.e. No galley or chart table, I guess that is where those 2 feet went.  That makes her structurally a bit different?

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