5 The completed rear - left hand

NB: Relevant Atalanta trailer drawings available from the Drawings Library are:

Original Atalanta trailers are likely to have been modified over the years; like the one I inherited with A 169.  As you can see in the photo above, the original front section has a central box girder running forward to a galvanised towing hitch and dolly assembly. The original trailer was cut-off and re-welded to the replacement matrix arrangement.

This has posed a few problems for the refurb:

The original trailer drawings (B 19564 / C 24595) have the forward chock (wood -Fairey drawing version)  full width on the trailer frame. As A169’s modified frame is some 250 mm narrower the chock had to be re shaped; fixed with bolt screws and bracing. No issues with the centre and aft chocks – were remade  to the drawing specification – 20mm compressible padding under neoprene top covering.

Aluminium docking arms (guide tubes) were made to the Fairey drawing spec; the aft ones were OK, but the forward arms needed some re welding to increase the width – not sure if this is due to the trailer mod’s; or interpretation of the Fairey specification. Anyway, they are fine now – with enough clearance for padding to protect the hull/strake.

Having acquired an old  16″ “Rice” trailer spare wheel (as on the original trailer); am unable to mount this between tow hitch and forward chock as per the Fairy drawing as the dolly winder is there (on a welded bracket). Still scratching my head on where to fit the spare wheel.

Apart from these glitches the trailer refurb is almost completed – just an overhaul of the wheels and tyres before use on the road.

  • 4 completed Rear R
    4 completed Rear R
    Forward chock bolted trough mudguard support brackets

    Rear chock bracket
    Rear chock bracket
    Bolted to frame and rear chock

    Rear chock bolt - through angle brackets
    Rear chock bolt - through angle brackets
    12 mm bolt through chock to angle bracket

    2 Completed trailer from the front
    2 Completed trailer from the front
    2 Completed trailer from the front

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