2019 Colchide back into the water

Colchide went back into the water on a very cold 3 April 2019. Winter work included:

  • Changing the impeller on the Farymann diesel
  • Moving and greasing all 6 stainless steel keel pins
  • Replacing propshaft and rudder cassette anodes
  • T-cut and polish hull
  • Re-fitting 115 Ah and 90 Ah batteries
  • Renew antifoul (gone for Royal Blue this year)
  • Re-fitting mainsail
  • Re-fitting sheets & warps after their winter wash

    3 thoughts on “Colchide back in the water

    1. Hey – great thinking. Looking forward to reports of how this works at the end of the season.
      Guess the pillows also serve as additional safety feature in case of sinking?

    2. I should have mentioned our new keel box sealing idea, which was fitted exactly 2 days before Colchide went back in the water. I didn’t want to fit the large blocks of wood, or drill 96 holes in the fairings/doublers on the hull, so came up with a new idea. I bought 4 x camping pillows from Tesco at £1.50 each, inflate them and slide them down the keel boxes. I have epoxied some tacks to the back of the keels, so if the keels kick up, or need to be raised in an emergency, the tacks will puncture the air bags and all will be well.

      A89 Colchide inflatable keel bags

    3. Richard
      Looking great – I like the darker blue bottom. Interested to see her in the water hard on the wind.
      I only few months behind you …..

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