I used to own a fairey fulmar,   I think it is this one,

mast replaced   with an alloy one,

a distinct modification  was carried out to the  center plate,    it was  modified to be lifted by a wire  rope from a winch in the  cockpit.

the original  plate  lifting  point was  cut off  ,  this  made the top of the center plate flat

if this is the  boat, I have some  photos,


    One thought on “Modification – F53 ?

    1. Hi Brian
      Thanks for the post. Its great to hear from an ex Fulmar owner!

      I believe that F53 has been named Pilgrim since the sixties, so not sure if this your old boat. We don’t have a ‘Wild Goose’ on our Fulmar register but this most likely reflects a lack of information about many of the Fulmars. F53 Pilgrim is now in Scotland. I am not sure whether she has a wire rope taken to the cockpit for the keel. Perhaps someone will respond who does know?

      Are you able to upload the photos you have to help with identification? (You might find this easier to do if you create a new post – adding multiple photos can be done quite easily there).

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