Richard has entered A89 Colchide in the 2019 Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta, running from Suffolk Yacht Haven over the coming weekend.

Stellas Racing, copyright Stella Owners Association
This is basically a weekend of ‘ooh-ing’ and ‘ah-ing’ over loads of classic yachts. The fleet includes a large fleet of Stellas (nice website). (See picture from their website on the left).

There is also some racing and Richard has loaded a crack-crew of die-hards, shipped from all around the Midlands and South East. Richard was disappointed to see that the Handicap form had no means to claim and allowance for the weight of beer that was required to entice them. But maybe it can also be used to capture the attention of the other competitors?

If anyone is around Suffolk Yacht Harbour or the River Orwell this weekend, give Richard a wave / call him on the mobile.

Photographs from the event


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