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Atalantas draw attention wherever they go.  To add to the publicity the AOA is hoping that all attendees at the UF50 event will sport an AOA Polo shirt and that all the boats will fly an AOA Battle Flag.  Even if you aren’t able to make Cowes in August it would be good to make an impact in your sailing club, local port and local supermarket.

The AOA is providing the regalia at cost price within the UK.  The polo shirts and battle flag are available until 15th July at a discounted price because we will place a bulk order on that date. The polo shirts, with an eye-catching logo based on the Atalanta silhouette, are very good value at £16.50 and the Battle Flag at £15.50. For £8 more you can have your boat sail number and name on the polo shirt. 

We will review availability beyond 15th July but is likely that the price will be greater as we do not propose bulk ordering to create stock. We will be using ‘Print On Demand’ services.

You can order your shirts and flags at the new AOA Shop. This is provided thanks to tried and trusted e-commerce supplier

The AOA Shop has been set up as a trial to explore how we make Regalia, Parts and other items available to admirers of the Fairey Marine Yachts. We hope that it will prove popular with buyers and also reduce the administrative burden on Association’s officers.  We would love to hear your feedback on how the shop works for you. There is a feedback form for this purpose available from the shop menu.

The shop currently supports delivery to the UK only, with apologies to our overseas members. If you would like a shirt or flag delivered to Europe or elsewhere please get in touch by replying to this email or using the Shop ‘Feedback’ page.

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