Looking good in new colour scheme

So today was the day that all the prep has paid off.

I hope the colour gets the nod. When I stripped off the old black paint, I found some of this colour underneath and thought – why not?

I’ve used Dulux trade weathershield for the white and colour, and Safekote polyurethane for the deck paint. All very flexible.

The woodwork is all in Woodskin from International, so I hope this should all last a few years now.

I can’t wait to get all the woodwork back on – and the window trims. Next stop, Sikaflex…

The last thing to decide on is what to paint the rudder assembly in – I’ve stripped it back to Aluminium.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


    One thought on “Paint job (mostly) complete

    1. Wow she is looking good Nick a tad bit envious I have to say.

      Just trying to find a place where I can Brother Jack into the warm and dry to get some of the leaks sorted for now as I want her back in the water early next year.

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