Missed the bulletin deadline this year, so thought I would add this blog of the ongoing work on Kerry Piper A169.

Working on the basis of KP launch in 2018, need to schedule the various jobs still outstanding. First off, as there are various onboard mini projects to complete, a cockpit tent would add some comfort over the winter. A quantity of heavy-duty waxed canvass from previous boat projects was available, so decided to incorporate a set of dodgers (to be more or less permanently in place) and a separate quick to deploy tent for use on moorings etc.
The original hollow spruce mast is currently stripped for repairs (more on this later). To facilitate headroom at the forward end of the cockpit tent, have replaced the original fixed mainsail gooseneck with a sliding arrangement, allowing about an extra foot of height to be available when moored.

Some pictures of the tent arrangement:

(happy to provide design detail to interested members):

Cockpit Custions

Below – Cockpit cushions (2”)– ready to fit – waxed cotton ticking / automotive vinyl backing.  NB: These double up as quarter-berth mattress/ cushions (nav area).

Mast and Boom Issues

As you may notice from the cockpit photos the boom is not compete. It was suffering from severe rot in several places (mostly lower half). A new section of Sitka spruce (Robbins Timber supplied) has been cut to size ready to fashion into a new lower section; this will be routed to mirror the top section, but the finished boom will be oval (i.e. not the original round) as KP is converting to slab reefing. Setting up for two-line jiffy reefing –  dispenses with the need for reefing horns with winch/cleat control for tack and clew pennants. Photos below show initial work on the boom- cutting the new Sitka section etc.

This job will be completed in the spring, when temperatures are suitable for epoxy gluing.

Mast damage:

Fractures to the mast at the crosstrees and diamond bracing require repair. Splitting the ovoid mast section along the original glue line will enable internal section repairs to be epoxy glued/clamped and external scarfed sections to finish the job.  The worst damage is shown in photos below:

Mast Fracture just below crosstrees

Mast Fracture just below crosstrees










Rot and Fracture below diamond bracing


Will post updates on these and other jobs as they progress.



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3 thoughts on “A169 Kerry Piper – cockpit tent + mast and boom issues

  1. Chris
    Wow. You are cracking on. I like the boom tent. The raised legs for the horse and the lifting gooseneck make a lot of difference to the headroom under the cover. Nice job.
    And it would have been great if you could have split your boom before I did my boom mods in the Spring – very interesting to see the internal hollowing / not hollowing. Look forward to following progress ….

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