Note the rudder wires one over the other.

A16 Dervorguilla gets a makeover at Pin Mill. A Mark 1 Atalanta Devorguilla is still in remarkable condition despite her age.
There are quite a few interesting differences:

  • The aft-cabin is longer, the cockpit shorter and the galley is about half the length
  • The rudder design is different
  • The hull shape at the stern looks to have a sharper turn on the bilge.
  • The blister is shorter and with only two windows.

Devorguilla was built to Lloyds 100A1 at Woolverstone. The Dinky stowage with raised main horse are original.

The refit is concentraing on epoxy for the bottom, including the keelboat joins.

Looking forward to seeing her sailing in 2017.

‘Click’ on a photo for a slideshow.

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