Peanut on Facebook Uffa Fox Designs group

Peanut is based in Beaumaris, North Wales. Andrew Willat posted photos of her in 2017-18 on the Facebook group ‘Uffa Fox Designs‘.

Peanut is far from standard with an extra mast and fixed keels. Members may be interested to refer to the 1975-76 Bulletin (right at the back) where Wendy and Brian Burnett explain how Peanut came to be as she is. Wendy is the daughter of (then) Capt.Bill Urry of A1 Atalanta and A5 Diaphony fame. Wendy and Brian fitted out a bare A31 hull themselves to create Atalanta 31 number 12 …… but I am stealing their thunder. Have a read of the bulletin.

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