The Fairey Atalanta Owners Association Annual Bulletins have been produced each Autumn since the Association was formed in 1958. They are a primary mechanism for the sharing of experience and advice on owning and maintaining the yachts. The format of the Bulletin has remained broadly the same throughout, as first envisaged by Alan Vines and the Fairey Marine Publicity Department. It always includes / is accompanied by an updated Register of Boats.

Until 1968 copy for the Annual Bulletin was collected by E H Thatcher, the first Vice-President, and forwarded to Fairey Marine’s Publicity department. They produced an attractive Bulletin with a cover in colour and photographs in black and white in the text. The Annual Bulletin had become much appreciated by members and Bert Wallbank, the then Hon Sec, produced the next issue in 1968/9 in the same format. For the next year Cyril Staal was appointed as the Hon Editor and he produced nine issues, handing over to Mike D Rowe in 1978. Mike Roberts took over in 1990, then Mike Dixon in 1999 who introduced full colour photographs in the publication.
In 2006 the Hon Editor batton passed to Trevor Thompson who has done it since.

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