New engine for A5 - Nanni 250HE 14hp

Replacement engine arrived today now the fun begins fitting it Nanni 14hp with heat exchanger..Sorting out bearers tomorrow. My New Mast which I picked up on holiday in Cornwall a few yrs back at a cost of £400 is almost identical to Fairey item in measurement ..

spreader brks to make  I now have the relevant info to make this work thanks to..

Nick Phillips,

Richard James  &

Jonathan Stearn

for all your help..

  • New engine for A5
    New engine for A5
    New engine for A5

    A5's new mast
    A5's new mast
    A5's new mast - masthead detail

    As an aside I Rebuilt this most of last yr The only Bugatti Hydroplane from the 1930s a world record breaking boat 1500 cc supercharged 8 cyl . This project gave me inspiration to finish Diaphony.

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Boat: A5 ** Interest: My father purchased Diaphony in 1977, having just sold Our Lysander 17 called Grebe and with two adults and three kids and a dog it was decided that we needed a bigger boat.Having looked at a few boats my father stumbled across Diaphony A5 at Chichester marina on its trailer,after a while the owner finally clinched the deal with my Father in a pub at Dell Quay . After a year spent renovating A5 she was ready for launching at Chichester .The boat was sailed for the remainder of the 70s and early 80's having crossed the channel many times ,she was returned home for minor work and hasn't seen the water since. ** Location: bucks ** Country: GB

2 thoughts on “Renovation update 11th June 2020

  1. Your Furlough is being very good for Diaphony at least. Great to see so much progress and glad you got the information you needed for the spreaders.
    Nice colour for the engine too!

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