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After 2 seasons sailing A89 COLCHIDE back in the UK, it is obvious that she is over-canvassed for UK conditions. Uncle Bernard specified and fitted an oversize genoa, as he was sailing in 3-7 knots on Lake Geneva every day.

A89’s current sails measure as follows:


Area: 15.4 m2

Luff: 26’0” (7920mm)

Leach: 28’0” (8560 mm)

Foot: 11’6” (3500 mm)


Area: 20.2 m2

Luff: 28’8” (8800mm)

Leach: 27’6” (8400 mm)

Foot: 15’6” (4750 mm)

Shortest clew to luff 15’1” (4600mm)

Luff to mast at 90 degrees 8’2” (2500mm)

I would be very interested to find out other 26ft Atalanta sail sizes by phone, email or this blog please?

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