Finn Ziem takes A170 across the Atlantic and back

We came across this book recently by Finn Ziem after someone found his Youtube video about crossing the Atlantic Рtwice Рin 1980 and 1981.

Book description:

This is the story of an adventurous young man who was not content to read about the exploits of other adventurers. 

At the age of sixteen, he went to sea, and during the next fourteen years he was to experience more than most people can dream of. 

In Argentina he worked for a time as a cowboy before going to Brazil and buying a horse. On his own he then rode haphazardly into the country with the roll of carpet and the hammock hanging over his saddle, and with his revolver loosely tucked behind his belt. 

He then traveled by riverboat to the interior of the Amazons where there were hunting trips in the jungle and catching both piranhas and alligators in the rivers. 
From San Fransisco he embarked on a 20,000 km long motorcycle ride along “the Pan-American highway”, which fifteen countries and eleven weeks later would end in Santos, Brazil.

He then bought a sailboat in England and set off, alone and without previous sailing experience, across the ocean to the Caribbean and the USA, from where he also returned to Norway a year later, still on board his small boat. There was no shortage of drama along the way, either in the form of storms in Biscay, close contact with giant whales or pirates in the Caribbean. 

Without a penny in his pocket, Finn ended up at the bar many times in various port cities around the world. As an outside sailor, he sampled from South America, but he never cut contact with Norway or his family. 

Join us on an exciting journey. See the pictures and read the book about the outdoor sailor’s adventurous experiences. 

Enjoy yourself.

The book is in Norwegian.
ISBN: 9788230013021
Published: Kolofon, 2015

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