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06th October - Uffa – Yachting’s Eccentric Genius. New biography and a play
Uffa – Yachting’s Eccentric Genius by Malcolm TurnerISBN: 978-1-9144893-5-8256 Pages100 illustrations229 x 152 x 25 mmPublisher: Sun RiseMore information “Uffa Fox was the most influential designer in ...
30th September - The modern world catches up with Fairey Marine?
Swallow Yachts has produced stylish and practical water-ballasted yachts for many years. The wood-epoxy construction, rig options, performance and performance ...

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Fairey Atalanta – The British Classic with a Big Personality
All are welcome to join in our shore-based social in the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard May 11th-12th.

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