airborne lifeboat

This is a comment that most Atalanta owners will have come accross at some time.

It’s usually when you are tied up alongside in a small harbour attracting attention from all the passers by and someone comes up and says it!

I have no idea how it started and NO, it is not true.

The only link between the Atalanta and the airborne lifeboat (which was dropped from bombers during world war 2) is Uffa Fox. He designed both the British airborne lifeboat and the Atalanta. Remember the first Atalanta was not built until 1955!

airborne lifeboat

Preserved airborne lifeboat at the Classic Boat Museum

If you are interested in the airborne lifeboat you will find lots of information through your favourite search engine. Wikipedia has lots on them. There are some still around, and have even featured on ebay.  A preserved example is in the Classic Boat Museum on the Isle of White, and another at the RAF Museum Hendon.

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