Tim Arnold writes:

Dear Atalanta Enthusiasts,
We are regretfully disposing of A31 “Trio” Restoration is beyond our capacity. It is lying in Austin TX on a very substantial 3 axle trailer.
Before it is consigned to landfill we would prefer to find a better fate for the vessel.
Please contact me if you have interest.. “

You can see more details and photos of “Trio” here: 


Tim’s contact details are given in the Yearbook, or please use the “Contact Us” page.

6 thoughts on “What can we do about A31/8 “Trio of Playford” in Austin, TX?

  1. I have a 3/4 ton truck that is up to the task of towing Trio from Texas to my property in New Hampshire.  However, I’ve done this before in the winter and I promised myself I’d never do it again in the winter.  I just sent Tim Arnold an email inquiring if he can wait until the spring to have the boat moved.  Alternatively, if other shipping arrangements can be made the boat can be delivered here to my place in Deerfield NH where it will be safe.   

  2. I could haul this from Texas to New Hampshire in the Spring if he can hold on that long. A few years ago I towed a boat from Oaklahoma to NH in February and after sliding around in an ice storm I promised myself I’d never do it again… but I’m game for it in the Spring.  Alternatively, if the Assoc. wants to have it transported to NH sooner, it could be stored on my property.  I’ll contact Tim directly to inquire.

  3. Kingstown Shipping quoted in the region of £3,200 for ro-ro on the trailer, from Galveston, TX to Southampton. Allow for towing either end, not bad for a 31 ft Atalanta.

  4. Seems a shame as so much work appears to have been done, have you any idea why Tim has decided its beyond him to complete? I wonder what the shipping costs back to UK would be!!

  5. Is it possible for contact to be made with Boating Magazines in America and Canada and make an appeal.  I do not know if “GOOD OLD BOAT” is still being published?


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