Photo: Alghero – making do. I guess it is not to compete with a fast cat but getting the most out of what you have.  Up early in Alghero for a 20 mile run to bosa.  It is going to be a while at 2kts.
Alghero - making do


Photo: Ok 3 – 3.5 now the thermals have picked up. But mostly using the spinnaker as a genoa.
Ok 3 - 3.5 now the thermals have picked up


One thought on “2013 Atalanta Mary Alghero to Bosa, Sardinia

  1. It’s tough to get the best boat speed using a spinnaker on this heading but it is fun sailing.

    You might consider keeping the forward end of the pole close to the center line of the hull.

    A bit lower heading might give you better speed.  I am going to stay silent on the position

    of the keels because I don’t have any experience with the double keels…. but you do want to

    minimize the rudder’s resistance in relatively light air, and in your case rudders… but this is

    about the wind speed where the rudder doesn’t make as big a difference.  t

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