A179 Emma Duck deteriorating in Rye

A small team visited Rye last week to rescue parts from A179 Emma Duck before she is destroyed. The Secretary and Committee have worked hard in recent years to support the owners of Emma Duck in restoring her to her former glory. Sadly this proved impossible and when two members of the Committee came across her in Rye she was uncovered, holed and deteriorating. In discussion with the boatyard manager (a Fairey sailing boat fan) he agreed to put the owner in contact with us. After a discussion about possible ways forward the owner generously sold her to the Association for a nominal fee.

The team were able to spend a day and a half removing parts to add to the ‘Salvaged Parts’ store making them available to people restoring boats. In fact, by a happy coincidence, a member is buying one of the restoration projects on our ‘For Sale page because the rig from A179 is available. This sale alone will more than cover the expenses involved in recovering all of the parts.

Below are a few photographs of the very sad occasion from Rye. The story of A179 through the years will be published in the Annual Bulletin.

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