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If you use the AOA Website regularly you will have noticed a big change to the Home Page. Below are some thoughts which might help you understand the changes.

Why has it changed?

  1. The change is primarily to reduce the clutter of the AOA Home Page for new visitors. The old Home Page was densely packed with items relevant only to returning readers.
  2. It has also enabled:
    • a personalised Home Page for users that log in, highlighting all updates since they last logged in including comments and replies to website posts and new photographs.
    • removal of some technical issues.

What does it mean to me?

Hopefully it will improve your experience of the website. Below are some responses to comments received.

I used to be able to see all updates on the home page

  • In fact the old home page did not show ‘Comments’ made against the Boat Blog posts.

Why do I have to log on now?

  • Logging in enables us to give you a personalised view of website updates, focussing on the changes since you last logged in.
  • If you really don’t want to take advantage of this, just visit the ‘Blogs and Forum‘ page and review all updates to identify those you have not seen already.

Once I have logged in I can’t return to the public home page

Having logged in clicking on the ‘Home’ menu item will display the page for logged in users. If you want to see the public Home Page, just click on the AOA logo at the top left.

I can’t find the links that used to be down the side of the screen

  • Events – Link still there, Details on Logged In Home Page and linked page
  • Renew Membership – Moved to Logged In Home Page
  • My Profile – Logged In Home Page
  • My Posts – Logged In Home Page
  • Subscribe to updates – Still there
  • Atalanta Quiz – Still there
  • Where are the boats? – Still there
  • Recognise this boat? – Logged In Home Page
  • Member Locations – Logged In Home Page
  • Website User Lists – Still there
  • Interesting Links – Still there
  • Useful Suppliers – Logged In Home Page

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