14.9 Amateur interpretation of the Jimmy Lawrence measured sail plan

A1 travelled from Market Harborough to Brightlingsea for Mark Butler, of James Lawrence sails, to measure her up for new sails.

This meant Mike was able to prove his tow car, his trailer, the mast raising gear AND get the sails measured.  And everything went very well!  The mast raising pole and braces worked very smoothly and the mast was soon rigged. Mark arrived with a bag full of long tape measures and a set of medical locking forceps. Tapes were hoisted on the halyards and then the forceps used to pin them together to get the right angles and dimensions.

The artist’s impression of the sail plan is mine and nothing to do with Mark and James Lawrence.

Can’t wait to see A1 sailing in her new clothes at the AOA60 rally …….

  • : 2018 07

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