9.1 Viewed from above, all the holes  in the aft deck still to be tackled

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Easier than the foredeck

Fortunately, unlike the foredeck, there had been no glass-fibre matting on the aft deck. Not so good though, were the many holes the aft end where the deck veneers had been attached to the transom, as well as numerous areas of rot in way of the various deck fittings. A lot of the damaged areas were on the rounded topsides.

I fixed fore and aft temporary battens where the curvature was extreme so that the new veneers could be bent correctly and didn’t sag. The battens were covered with plastic – I used polythene bags – so that any surplus glue wouldn’t cause the temporary battens to become permanent.
It all worked out well and I repaired the damaged areas with three layers of 1/10” veneer.

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