Johara on trailer in 2016

It is with a heavy heart that I offer A148, Johara for sale. I moved to the Isle of Harris with the intention of finally sorting her out but a combination of wet weather and other projects has meant that I have not made any progress with her since these photos were taken in 2016. Looking at the for sale notices on this site I see the likelihood of finding a buyer is remote but I must try as she will gradually deteriorate – although not in a shed, she has been stored under cover throughout the year – that is part of the problem having a dry enough and long enough spell of good weather to take the covers off and get some varnish and paint on her. She has a reconditioned engine (Yanmar 10HP) that has done about 8 hours and the trailer was brand new in Aug 2016, she is sound with no sign of any rot anywhere as far as I can see anyway. Most of the old antifouling is removed. The engine cost me £2,000 and the trailer £2,600, so at a price of £3000 the boat is free! She has everything she needs to go sailing again and I also have the sails which were recently professionally cleaned.

David Phillips.
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Lying: Isle of Harris

Price: £3000
David is willing to bring the boat to the mainland (Ullapool).

Photos of A148 from her Boat Page

About David Phillips

Boat: A148 ** Interest: In the early seventies, my first experience of yachting was aboard my Maths Teacher's Atalanta 26, KERRY PIPER - remembering her it occurred to me that is exactly what I needed. I now own JOHARA A148 and she is now undergoing refit at my new home on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides

7 thoughts on “A148 Johara for sale £3,000 – SOLD

  1. Hallo Nick, could you please mark Johara as sold – Joanna has agreed to buy here and will collect when the lockdown eases enough

    Many thanks


    1. David – Congratulations on the sale. Joanna has got herself a lovely Atalanta.

      Joanna – Congratultions on your purchase. You have got yourself a lovely Atalanta! Please do consider joining the Association – we would love to have your support and I think you will find the archive of material, technical and otherwise, of great use in getting the most from Johara.


    1. They are, I have two people interested to date and will keep you posted if that changes. For whoever buys the boat I am prepared to take it part way, or at least onto the mainland when restrictions ease

  2. Hi, David
    My name is Ted i,am also looking for a boat i see you already have someone interested but if that doesn’t work out i would like to come and see her.
    I do live in Scotland although about as far from you as you can get just below Edinburgh. Let me know how things go.
    Regards Ted

    1. Hallo Ted

      Please forgive this intrusion but about 8 months ago you expressed interest in purchasing Johara and at the time I turned you down because another buyer got in the queue before you – you then asked me to keep you informed if she comes up again. In any event the sale did not complete because I decided I could not part with her and would get her under cover and bring her back to her former glory and so the former prospective buyer now has another boat. Sadly, my gale force resistant storage tent ordered from Germany in the Autumn has still not arrived and now wont because of Brexit hassles so I cannot easily get her under cover at a cost I can afford. Would you still be interested in her, I am guessing you have probably sorted yourself out by now but in case not you were next in the queue.


  3. Dear David,

    Johara looks beautiful.

    I am looking for an Atalanta for family cruising (we already have a Duckling!).

    It would be great to discuss how much work is needed to get Johara sailing – I am used to boat maintenance, but want to avoid the time and cost of a major refit.

    Please do let me know if it is possible to talk sometime.

    Best regards, Joanna

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