It is planned for Deannie to be scrapped over the weekend of 9-11 October.

This week is the last chance if anyone wishes to save her. I you are seriously interested and have the means to move her and her gear within the next few weeks please contact us by commenting on this post below or using the website Contact form in the footer of this page. Note that the trailer she is sitting on is far from roadworthy.

Deannie has been available as a restoration project for three years during which there has been no serious interest. (See details here). Work was started over twenty years ago and the hull stripped and gear stowed under cover. Work then stopped and she has been in that state ever since and recently her heavy covers have become dislodged.

The elderly owner has plans to move in the near future and the AOA are assisting in removal of the boat and gear. Our aim is to help the owner, who has been a member of the Association for over 40 years, and to achieve a more sensitive disposal that a commercial scrapping. We hope to preserve as many parts and items of gear as we can to support future restorations and repairs of other Atalantas. All items salvaged will be made available to owners.

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