2020 10 A154 001

Following the scrapping of T4 Brother Jack, A154 Deeanie and A179 Emma Duck, the AOA now have a large number of second-hand parts available for owners. You can access the list through the ‘For Sale’ page.

Notable items in the parts available include:

  • 3/4 rig wooden mast in apparently good condition with chromed bronze metalwork
  • Complete set of keel support brackets in very good condition
  • Pair of keel stirrups and screwjacks
  • Complete original sink unit/chart table assembly
  • Titania and Atalanta booms in excellent condition
  • Titania and Atalanta sails in good condition
  • Whipstaff tiller, bearing, control wires and turning blocks
  • Titania blister in very good condition
  • Many Titania and Atalanta windows
  • Original washboards which double as cabin table
  • Spare mast winch and keel hoist handles
  • Sheet winches
  • Chromed bronze fairleads and bollard cleats
  • Guardrails and stanchions
  • Rigging with bronze bottlescrews
  • Spinnaker and whisker poles
  • and much much more

We closely monitor the status of boats as far as we can and will continue to try and preserve the boats, or at least their parts.

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