2017 A169 Reeconfiguring the hoists for high position.

Last week (of August), after several postponements due to inclement weather, KP’s scaffold shed was dismantled. The scaffolding has been reconfigured to provide a higher lift on the winched slings ready for the undersides epoxy / cloth sheathing. One of the benefits of the Rye boatyard is that a houseboat resident here is an expert in the process of the epoxy cloth laying-up. The mast rebuild is still pending – in the photo sequence  the mast is under cover along the starboard side.


2 Photos below show current position – in slings with higher lift

Below -initial removal of canvas cover:

The wooden dinghy is the tender for KP – a Seahopper “Scamp” with a modified Mirror rig (a dipping lug main and jib) and a few custom removable add-ons – hard transom and clip-on bow section. The basic dinghy will stow on the aft deck as a rowing tender – meanwhile  at least I have something to sail!


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Boat: A169 "Elle" (formerly 'Kerry Piper') ** Interest: Rebuilding and eventually sailing Elle. ** Location: Rye (East Sussex) ** Country: GB

4 thoughts on “A169 Kerry Piper-out of the shed!

  1. Hi Murray,

    Yes – planning to tilt in slings by attaching a secondary overhead hoist/sling to chainplates on one side and lower opposite side (to prevent boat from self-levelling). Tyres and props on hand to provide any further support as required. Glass cloth (200gm) with laminating epoxy is being used, with further epoxy coats applied over – copper AF in final coat. Will post photos of the various stages.

  2. Hi Chris

    Are you going to tilt KP on her side to make it easier to sheath the bottom? interested to see how you do it..What cloth are you sheathing with?

  3. Thanks Nick – still a lot to do, but at least she is in the open. NB: Paint looks good in the photos, but only has an initial coat, finishing will be after all the lifting, canting etc is over.

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