Made a cheeky visit to Brother Jack as it was my wifes birthday last week and she wanted dinner at Rick Steins’…. (Its a Malay thing)…

We gave the engine a run and the cabin a good airing. After about an hour I wondered why the exhaust wasnt splurting so much, so opened the engine bay only to find it half full of water!!

Well I killed the engine and then started to pump for my life to empty it before any serious damage to the engine.

The culprit was my own heavy handedness when I reassembled the heat exchanger.

So I will leave this here as a reminder not to over torque the bronze bolts on the heat exchanger bell housings!

Suffice to say new heat exchanger bolts and o rings now on order as well a new sacrificial anode.

Happy Boat Owning 🙂

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Boat: T4 ** Interest: I purchased a boat as a project going forward, the wisdom of this decision is still being tested. Suffice to say I am the proud owner of a Titania and as they are reasonably rare. I enjoy the attention that she receives when we pull along side the modern boats and everybody comes and questions what she is. ** Location: Gloucestershire ** Country: GB

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