60 anecdotal pen pictures covering different aspects of our 60 years (boats, people, events, etc.), written by 60 different people.

The term ‘anecdotal pen picture’ captures the essence of the type of entry required –

  • Anecdote – literally any snippet of information that follows the theme of the Atalanta Owners’ Association and preferably has not been published before
  • Pen – the snippet to be about 300 words long
  • Picture – the text to be accompanied by a visual image

Once you are happy with your pen picture, it must be submitted to the Association’s Editors Trevor and Dinah by 1st October.
Preferably, the pen picture ought to be submitted electronically using the form below. Alternatively send to them using their contact details in the Yearbook.

Trevor and Dinah will edit the submissions and publish them as a paper copy supplement to the bulletin which will be sent to all members at the turn of the year.

  • Ideally Anecdotes would be around 300 words, but don't worry of yours is shorter or longer.
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