Curved deck at front of cockpit

I am now restoring Bluster’s cockpit at deck level. Getting the jib sheet tracks off (all four of them) was a struggle as many of the brass bolts were corroded into the wood, sheared off, and had to be drilled out.

The curved pieces of deck at the aft end of the cockpit are also in poor shape, but I have not got to them yet!

  • Curved deck at front of cockpit
    Curved deck at front of cockpit
    These were in poor shape, so I have inserted a solid bit of wood under the deck edges.

    Cockpit side removed
    Cockpit side removed
    Water had been getting into the deck and causing the whole side to delaminate. Port side is OK.

One thought on “Cockpit Restoration

  1. Hi

    I like your solid reinforcement on the starboard side. This corner seems to attract issues. I had to repair the equivalent place on Helene. I think perhaps because of the ‘hard point’ caused by the bulkhead in conjunction with foot-fall on the deck edge overhanging in the cockpit?

    Out of interest, what approach/tools are you using to cut back the veneers prior to repair? It all looks very neat and thorough.


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