If any proof is required of the seaworthiness of the Fairey Atalanta yachts look no further than the notable Fairey Atalanta journeys referenced below. The yachts have proved themselves in all conditions around Europe and across the Atlantic. Fairey Marine managed to achieve this seaworthiness in a boat that is easily trailed great distances. Some of these journeys by road are also included below.

This page is still work in progress. We will be adding references to the many  notable journeys in the coming weeks.

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Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages around the UK
Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages in Europe
Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages across the Atlantic
Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages in the Americas
Notable Fairey Atalanta Journeys by Trailer

Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages Around the UK

A146 Sherpa Round Britain Race 1974

Immediately after sailing in the Round the Island Race on June 29 in which he came second in the Atalanta Class, Alan Perkes in A148, Sherpa, set out for the Round BritainRead More...
By : meleager | Jun 29, 1974
A146 took part in the two handed Round Britain Race 1976, suffering a dismasting in the process.  The next year she crossed the Atlantic with a different owner (see below).
A31/4 Gellie Round Britain

Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages in Europe


Atalanta Mary A102 Mediterranean Circuit

In 2013 Alistair Rodger sailed A102 Atalanta Mary across The Channel to St Valery Sur Somme as the first part of a Mediterranean adventure. Alistair, Mojo the greyhound and Atalanta Mary spentRead More...
By : AOA | Jan 18, 2017

Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages Across the Atlantic


Saving Aku A113

From the 1980-81 Bulletin Tony Peck and John Riding’s start of their circumnavigation, and its halt in the Galapagos islands, has been written up elsewhere. After abandoning their circumnavigation AKU was passedRead More...
By : AOA | Jan 28, 1980

A146 Bluff OSTAR 1976

A146, already very well travelled, changed hands and went across the Atlantic No history of racing by Atalantas would be complete without mention of Rod White who sailed A146, Bluff, in theRead More...
By : meleager | Jun 7, 1976

A115 Across The Atlantic

Just as racing tests the sea worthiness of any class of boat so too can exceptional cruising exploits. Two such cruises by Atalantas are worth mentioning here. In 1975 Eric Stallard andRead More...
By : meleager | May 27, 1975

A113 Round the World

The longest and most ambitious expedition undertaken in an Atalanta was in 1960-61 when Tony Peck and John Riding set out in A113, Aku, to sail round the world in a westerlyRead More...
By : meleager | Nov 28, 1964

A113 Reaches Las Palmas on her circumnavigation

From the 1962-63 Bulletin MR. J. A. (TONY)  PECK,  ‘Aku’  (A.II3),  is  now  wintering at Las Palmas in the Gran Canarias Islands before setting out across the Atlantic on the next stage of his round-the­ world cruise. Fighting forRead More...
By : AOA | Jun 28, 1961

A113 Sets off Round the World

From the 1960-61 Bulletin On 15 November 1960, John Peck in Fairey Atalanta “Aku” (A113 ) left Hamble on the longest planned Fairey Atalanta cruise yet . He planned to sail westward round the world – a two year, 31,000 mile journey.  John Peck was a racing motor cyclist aged 49. He was accompanied by 24 yearsRead More...
By : AOA | Nov 30, 1960

Notable Fairey Atalanta Voyages in the Americas

Notable Fairey Atalanta Journeys by Trailer