The need for a smaller and cheaper sailing cruiser of similar construction to the Atalanta 26 was met by the production of the 20ft overall Fulmar. The cut-away diagram in Fig. 5 opposite shows the general arrangement. She sold for £935 with sails but no engine in 1959. A new hull shape and layout were devised which had no after cabin. The clever internal design gave two full sized berths and two quarter berths under the cockpit seats.

Adequate stability was achieved with a single lifting keel mounted on the centre line where the main bulkhead supports the mast overhead. The keel and lifting mechanism were a copy of the port keel assembly on the Atalanta 26, with a weight of 600 lbs.

The Fulmar was easily handled and a good sea boat. With a displacement of only 2000lb, trailing and launching were comparatively easy. Either an inboard engine located under the cockpit sole or an outboard engine on the stern provided adequate auxiliary power.

The first boat was completed in 1958 and, in the following seven years, over sixty Fulmar hulls were moulded and supplied either as completed boats or as kits and shells. Some were completed as motor cruisers.

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