The only 26ft variant of the Atalanta was the Titania. Described by the makers as “brilliant and beautiful”, it was intended for the owner who planned to spend more time cruising under power and who wanted more main cabin space.

The overall length and maximum beam were identical to those of the Atalanta 26, as were the underwater lines, twin retracting keels and lifting rudder, but the freeboard forward was increased by six inches giving headroom of 6ft 2in in the forward cabin. Greater space in this part of the boat was achieved by reducing the length of the cockpit from 6ft to 4ft.

The layout of the main cabin was altered to give two full size berths forward and two quarter berths running back under the cockpit seats at the aft end. There was a galley on the starboard side and a large hanging cupboard on the port side. The Simpson Lawrence toilet was in the peak as in the Atalanta. The after cabin had two full-size quarter berths.

The standard engine supplied with a Titania was a Fairey marinised Ford 102E petrol motor developing 20 bhp at 2000 rpm with a consumption of 1.25 gallons per hour at 7 knots. Twenty gallons of fuel were carried in two 10-gallon tanks and 24 gallons of fresh water were also carried in two tanks. The yacht thus had a good cruising range under power.

An ordinary Atalanta mast was used, but the foot of the mainsail was shortened somewhat reducing the main sail area by about 20 sq ft. The headsails were the same as those of the Atalanta 26.

Twelve Titanias were built and the boat sail numbers were T1 to T12. The hull numbers were included with those of the Atalanta 26’s.

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