aug 22 arnovecchio 009

We , and I say we, because our Nick joined me, had a delay before we could get into the water.  So we spent the day in Florence drinking stupidly expensive beer on roof top gardens.  I think the reason for the delay was that I needed a new battery? 

We were treated to a spectacular storm as we headed back.  The Alps creates a strange weather system so we could see the storm over the alps but it was warm and dry at the marina.  I think it was something about three weather systems meeting.

The day we sailed out started slow but as we got north the wind picked up. Either the latitude or the time of day, not sure which.  We got to see the marble mining at Carerra, this area is quite flat down to the beach and we were further out following a bearing.   But once we got close to La Spezia the scenery picked up. 

The bay of La Spezia it was busy with lots of motorboats and mussel beds.  We had to choose between the larger ‘big city’ marinas or the smaller more isolated ones.  We chose La Gazia because of it recommendations and we weren’t disappointed.

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