4 thoughts on “Poor Seamanship

  1. Hi Greg,

    I’m stumped!

    There’s a boat following Sugar Plum
    You’ve left the boarding ladder behind
    There’s no fore sail rigged
    The main sail boom cover is still on

    Cheers Mike

    1. Eleven out of ten for Mike.

      I can not stop the yellow boat following me.

      I do not have a boarding ladder.

      I always tow the inflatable as in the event of a MOB I can recover them into it .(with twenty four years of wet dinghy drill as a N Sea pilots heaving bodies into such things is well practices.)

      If I fall in while moored I can recover myself into the inflatable.

      I am being naughty, having secured the vessel after a trip I have dropped my son off on the pontoon and am positioning back to the mooring. That is no excuse for having the sail cover on, or a jib for that matter too. Good seamanship would dictate that all methods of prolusion should be immediately available at all times.

      I will forego my rum ration for a week as punishment!

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