3 thoughts on “Unknown, Glasson Dock @1982

  1. Ah. Need more coffee!

    I have just looked again and can see that this boat DOES have a blister on the aft deck.
    So that increases the chance that it is A65.

    Or were other Atalantas or Titanias’ so modified?


  2. What goes around, comes around Nick. Modern boats with their obsession with maximum beam have similar bows these days. The new Beneteau 46 has the same f’ward cabin as the 48′. The end game is a sailing rectangle!

  3. Hi Richard
    Thanks for this. Not a flattering angle for the bow, but great to see another image of a boat ‘At Large’.
    Without a sail on the boom it looks like she was based here for a while?
    Or maybe I am just lazy when I go cruising and leave the main on….

    Is it a Titania? This was my first thought, but all of the Titania’s we have photos of on the site have four windows down each side and do not have the forward facing windows. However, we don’t have photos for T1,T2,T3,T5,T7,or T8. (I would be delighted to add these if anyone has any photos)

    Atalanta A65 Joann has windows which look just like this. But all of the pictures on the website show her with a varnished blister and an additional blister on the aft deck.

    So perhaps this is one of the early Titania’s?


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