When I first took ownership of Zambra, she looked fantastic (above).


But, as many of you might well be aware, with an Atalanta, beauty can be skin deep!


So, in November last year, she came to stay in my workshop:


Using my home-made gantry crane of course!

Now, there has been an amount of progress in removing all the old layers of paint, the woodwork, all the deck fittings and soon the engine. So, I though I ought to document the process, and that way the AOA can be sure that she is moving forwards, and that we will be getting in the water in time for Mersea week! Hopefully sooner!


Here’s the current state of her (and the crack squad of wood monkeys working on her):


Note the lack of any woodwork on the decks, and the original turquoise deck paint colour – I am thinking this might be what we go for on the decks, but any input gratefully received. As well as any tips on laminating, any bits of agba, and any feedback in general!

Also, I’m considering making some minor alterations to how the toe-rails etc all mount, and I wanted people’s views on historical accuracy VS durability and ease of future maintenance.


I’ll be posting more pics as she progresses – I’m hoping the workshop’s not going to be too busy with projects for the next few months…



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