8 thoughts on “Atalanta 26 for sale on eBay

  1. Peter Burn got in touch with me, his phone number is 01439 788030. (The latest Yearbook is incorrect). The eBay item no. is 291348087448  There is a little more info at the bottom of the listing, but all questions should be addressed directly to Peter.

  2. questions asked about A137.  If it is A127 the engine should be the Lister diesel SE.  Last known owner is Peter Burn, contact Commodore this week for further details.

    Colin A95

  3. Ahoy !
    For instance the one shot that shows a very large repair has the planks running longitudinally instead of at the expected 45degrees. Is this a sound repair ?
    Rather suspicious of the paucity of photographs ?

  4. How about some input ?

    What has been history ?

    Condition ?

    Engine ?

    Any rigging/sails ?

    Reasonable value ?

    Very poor listing, we can provide the backgroud, surely ?


  5. John

    I cant find the listing – can you either quote the title or the item number. Searching for “Atalanta” does not bring it up!



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